The Human Ear: Review

Pictured: Paige Louter and Éanna O’Dowd. Photograph by Jalen Laine. Jessica Kim I can safely say The Human Ear by Alexandra Wood is the most minimalist- and perhaps experimental play I watched so far. There is no set or props. Just two actors on a stage. It could have been confusing or dull at times,

Dark Road: Review

Pictured: Rebecca Walters and Paul Herbert. Photo by Derek Fu Jessica Kim Dark, gritty British police drama. That’s what I got when I looked up the play beforehand. For me, this felt like something new and old at the same time. I was more used to detective dramas and novels, but it should be similar

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: Review

Pictured: Kirsten Slenning and Tanja Dixon-Warren. Photo by Derek Fu. Jessica Kim It might be a little embarrassing for me to call myself a McDonagh fan after just one play and two movies, but I was still happy to add another to that list. I was especially excited because The Beauty Queen of Leenane is part