Executive Team

Executive Team

The 2016/17 Players Club Executive work hard to organize the events and shows you see throughout the year. It’s split into three main committees to help oversee the year’s events as intently as possible. Meet this year’s team:

Elana Mabrito & Madeleine Walker | Co-Presidents

Danika Enad | VP Productions
Jason Deo | VP Finance
Roxy Promhouse | Graphic Designer
Connor Nechelput & Mariana Campos | Mainstage Team

Anni Ramsay | VP Events
Heidi Upham | VP Admin
David Lewis | Bookings Representative
Mia Kramer | Promotions Assistant
Miluska Bravo, Aki Ezure, Ivonne Zhao, Jessica Kim | Events Team

Matthew Rhodes | VP Promotions
Mia Kramer | Events Promotion Assistant

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