Every month, the Players Club holds  workshops to help refine your acting skills, ace your audition, and more. Here are the workshops scheduled for this semester, with dates soon to come.

The Other Side of the Table: Making the Director’s Cut (October)

Ever wondered what your audition looks like from a director’s point of view? The goal for this workshop is to assemble a panel of directors, assistant directors, and stage managers (anyone involved in the audition process) to give advice on what works and what doesn’t during auditions. The first hour would be spent allowing brave players to audition in front of the group and panel (monologues would not have to be memorized, but it would be SO valuable to put some work into it before hand) receiving 5-10 minutes of specific feedback on their piece. The second hour would involve a Q&A session with the panel and attendees (potentially guided by our execs who could brainstorm events in advance.

Players: The Musical Workshop (November)

A musical workshop that gives anyone interested in musicals a no-risk opportunity to try it out! More information upcoming.