6 Best UBC Clubs

UBC Vancouver is home to over 350 UBC clubs, so how do you know which one to join or which one is the best? Here are some of our favourite clubs at UBC, many of which are our friends!

UBC Players Club

That’s us! We do all things theatre.

UBC Improv

UBC Improv is UBC’s improvisational theatre and comedy club that puts on shows made up spontaneously on the spot.

UBC Musical Theatre Troupe

UBC Musical Theatre Troupe is UBC’s musical theatre club for anything to do with music, dance, and performing.

UBC Book Club

UBC Book Club is UBC’s reading and books discussion club with a book to read and a meeting to attend every month.

UBC Music Initiative

UBC Music Initiative is UBC’s music club for performing and sharing music with the UBC community.

Creative Industries Network UBC

Creative Industries Network UBC is UBC’s club for turning creative hobbies into careers.