2020/21 Productions

Thank you everyone for your support, talent,  time, and dedication. We hope to see you next season! You have all made this year a huge success.

MARCH 26-28, 2021 – FESTIVAL DIONYSIA 2021

Festival Dionysia presented by UBC Players Club

Festival Dionysia is a yearly festival put on by UBC Players Club featuring largely original one-act plays. Festival Dionysia is typically written, directed, performed, and produced by UBC Vancouver students and local emerging Vancouver theatre artists. This year, however, our show will be entirely virtual, online and entirely socially distanced. This gives us the unique opportunity to showcase the talents and perspectives of artists worldwide as we all experience the magic of COVID theatre!

You may view the online play festival program at anytime at: ubcplayersclub.com/Program.pdf

NOVEMBER 27-29, 2020 – LITTLE WOMEN by Marisha Chamberlain

We’re bringing back radio theatre, folks! With a second lockdown approaching, what better way to spend your next quarantine than curling up with a blanket and a warm drink in the safety of your own home and listening to our Radio Theatre production of the one-act version of Little Women by Marisha Chamberlain?!

Under the guidance of their beloved mother, the four young March sisters — tempestuous Jo, motherly Meg, shy Beth, and spoiled baby Amy — struggle to keep their family going while Father’s away in the Civil War. In this beautifully dramatized adaptation of the classic novel, even as privation, illness, and sibling rivalry cast their shadows, each girl strives to find her true self.

SEPTEMBER 7, 2020 – NO. 6 by T.J. Young

No. 6 by T.J. Young

In response to the recent unjust killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Ahmaud Arbery, as well as the continued racism, police brutality, and systemic violence towards Black individuals, UBC Players Club felt compelled to take action. We worked to support the Black Lives Matter Movement by way of donations and the sharing of resources, but felt that this wasn’t enough. We felt it was important to create a space for BIPOC artists’ voices in the theatre, a medium that is typically dominated by white voices. For this project, we reached out to BIPOC artists in the greater Vancouver area and beyond to play the characters in this play, and felt it was incredibly important to ensure that Black roles were played by Black actors. We also felt it necessary to bring the voices of other people of color to the forefront, and cast the three roles that do not call for Black actors accordingly. Having predominantly white executive members, we additionally felt the need to step back and have a Black artist facilitate and direct this show, and were thrilled when Mikaela Kawaley-Lathan joined the team – and eventually the cast! We are honored that Mikaela and all of the other artists involved have taken the time to bring such a poignant and powerful piece to life, and hope that this first small step will create a foundation for the rest of our ongoing anti-racism work within the club, as well as a supportive creative space for BIPOC artists. We hope that this play encourages you to think more deeply about the humanity of every individual involved in this equation and the effects systemic racism have on all of our lives. In closing, we would like to remind those reading this that Black Lives Matter. For further anti-racism resources, petitions to sign, and places to donate, please see our compiled resource page: https://linktr.ee/ubc_players_club


In 2001, the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of the police put the city of Cincinnati on edge, resulting in a five-day riot that set the citizens of the city against the police force. During the third day of the riots, the Anderson family, in a small apartment above their family-owned dry cleaners, prepare for dinner and the citywide curfew. Ella, the mother of the family, realizes her son, Felix, isn’t home. Felix’s twin sister, Felicia, who is obsessed with dinosaurs, reveals he has gone to find the family food for the night. Felix returns with provisions and a knocked-out white man, Kelly. As the riots grow and move closer to the small apartment and business, we discover why Felix and Felicia have not left home, the truth that Kelly has been keeping to himself, and Felicia’s theory of what will cause extinction number six.