Poly Queer Love Ballad (Fringe): Review

Jessica Kim

“Me first. Others, second.”

She was a mono lesbian singer-songwriter. She was a poly bisexual slam poet. Can I make it any more obvious? Poly Queer Love Ballad is exactly what the title promises. A new slam poetry musical written and performed by co-creators Sara Vickruck and Anais West, it is funny, delightful and bittersweet. On top of the simple girl-meets-girl story, there is music and poetry. Their conversations getting to know each other is a rapid exchange of single words, and the rhythm carries out the sheepish mood of the scene extremely well.

Gabbie (Sara Vickruck) is hesitant about polyamory but decides to try it for Nina (Anais West). But as time goes by, it’s clear their opposing ideas of love only gets between them. The music is lovely and sweet, the poetry powerful. They show the girls as individuals and they merge together to represent their relationship. There was great chemistry between the actors and the dialogue was smooth. We can’t help but sympathize with both of them, and feel sad and relieved about their relationship. This isn’t some random romantic comedy with queerness thrown in to make it more interesting, but rather a carefully written and performed piece showcasing the bitter-sweetness of love and the queer community at the same time.


Poly Queer Love Ballad by Sara Vickruck and Anais West is running at the Red Gate Revue Stage as part of the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival, September 6th – 16th (Select times)

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