Playwriting Collective

Playwriting Collective | Write plays, share plays, discuss plays

Looking for an excuse to write some quick, quippy, quality PLAYS? Looking for a group of people who want to read what YOU wrote? Looking for a list of plays to read, discuss, and be ✨inspired✨ by? The UBC Players Club Playwriting Collective is for you!


What is the UBC Players Club Playwriting Collective?

Work with a group of other budding playwrights to create two 10-minute scripts per semester. Every week, two people will have a chance to have their work read and get feedback from the group. We will also have a different play to read and discuss every week! By the end of the semester, the goal is to have written at least one short one-act script! No playwriting experience is necessary, just a love of writing and an interest in theatre.


When and when are the meetings?

The time, date, and location of our meetings will be based on general group availability and preference! They are currently on Sundays from 3–5 pm on Zoom, but that may change for our next season!


Are you interested?

Interested? Contact us for more information! Can’t wait to see you there!!