My Imagination Ran Away From Me (Fringe): Review

Jessica Kim

Somebody said: Hey, let’s do a little mini acrobatic circus show, but with only mattresses and men in tights as our equipment! So, this show was born. Josh Green, the creator and star of the show says it’s “a powerful message about procrastination… what if you fed it and it turned into something beautiful?” And indeed it is. The short, 30 minute show features Josh Green as Josh, a student living with his parents. There are three acts loosely connected by the character, first with him playing video games, then watching anime, which leads him to realize that he needs to get his life together, so he gets a job at the insurance company. However, his first client runs a peculiar business indeed…

Though there isn’t much to the plot, I like the connection between procrastination and imagination and their infinite possibilities! The tricks, flips and lifts are delightful and the colorful costumes captivate the audience. In most circus acts, you can usually tell who’s going to be lifted and who’s going to be lifting by their size, but in this show they were about the same size and build, which was impressive. It’s a fun little show worth catching! But if you’re coming from somewhere further way from Granville Island, I recommend double billing it with another show on the island just because it’s so short.


My Imagination Ran Away From Me by Josh Green is running at the Waterfront Theatre as part of the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival, September 6th – 16th (Select times)

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