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Doubt: A Parable is a Pulitzer Prize winning play by John Patrick Shanley. It tells a story of a conflict between a nun and priest and the resulting uncertainty that surrounds the guilty party. The play takes an introspective looking into race, religion and sexuality.

Doubt is directed by forth-year Theatre student, Samuel Jing.

Cast & Crew

Director: Samuel Jing

Sister Aloysius: Katie Beatty

Father Flynn: Mitchell Guthrie

Sister James: Bonnie Duff

Mrs. Muller: Gavan Cheema


Stage Manager: Vanessa Tang

Assistant Stage Manager: Angel Bih

Costume Designer: Devon Reaman

Set Designer: Catherine McLaren

Props Master: Hannah Abbott

Light Designer: Samuel Jing

Sound Designer: Erika Champion

Light Board Operator: Raphael Diangkinay

Sound Board Operator: Katniss Zhu

Stagehand: Erin Mazurkewich

Stagehand: Jake Detenber

UBC Players Club President: Brynn La Croix

Production Manager: Ivonne Zhao

Tickets: Aki Ezure

Promotions: Matthew Rhodes



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