Last Friday’s Bar Night: A Blast! (Look out for future ones!)

Last Friday’s Bar Night: A Blast! (Look out for future ones!)

We’re all about theatre, but social events are also happening.

They are such good opportunities to meet new people who share the same interests with you. Like last week’s bar night, which was filled with booze, snacks and fun activities.

There are more social events like this in the planning process, so come out, have fun, and hang out with us!

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MTT Workshop – February 27th

Since we were showered with positive feedbacks about the Musical Theatre workshop last term,

The Players Club proudly presents another to start things off after Reading Week!

All ages and experiences are welcome, it will be held like the previous one.  The first half of the workshop dedicated to learning a number and the second half for learning the choreography.

At the end, we’ll put it together to perform for… ourselves. (Watch out for the cameras!)

Starting at 6 P.M, at Neville Scarfe 1003.

Hope to see you all there!


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Events of Term 2!

Hello, Players!

As we’re settling into the new year of 2017, the Player’s Club is presenting events that will pull you through the assignments, midterms and papers this term.

Be sure to mark your calendars:

1) Storm Crow bar night (Friday, Feb. 3rd)
  • Arrive any time after 5 pm, snack platters will be provided!
2) Musical Theatre workshop (Monday, Feb. 27th )
  • Musical Theatre Troupe is returning after last term’s much successful workshop!
3) CiTR workshop: How to record for radio theatre (Date TBA)
  • Either March 20th, 21st, or 22nd.
4) Bowling Night! (Friday, March 31st)
5) Players Prom (Date TBA)

(Location for most events is TBA)

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General Meeting at Wreck Beach

General Meeting at Wreck Beach

Salutations, thespians!

The UBC Players Club is welcoming the new year with a bonfire at Wreck Beach, happening this Friday the 16th at 7 PM. This Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be a fantastic opportunity for the whole club to get together, hang out, sing campfire songs, and get to know each other before the semester’s events get underway.

We’ll be meeting up at 6:30 PM in NEST 3206 to go down to the beach, but people are free to arrive at any time. We’ll be bringing snacks, and everyone is encouraged to bring food and refreshment if they’re so inclined.

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful first week back and are excited at seeing you on Friday!


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