Our Bylaws

Welcome to our bylaws, where you can find information about the rules and regulations that govern our club. These bylaws are designed to ensure that all members of the club are treated with respect and fairness and that the club operates smoothly and efficiently. Our bylaws cover a range of topics, from membership requirements and responsibilities, to the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion, to sustainability. By following these bylaws, we aim to create a welcoming and inclusive community where all members can feel valued and supported. Please take the time to review these bylaws carefully, and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Bylaw 0: Land Acknowledgement

  1. The Club acknowledges that it works and plays on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) People. The Club also acknowledges that Club Members may work or virtually participate in shows, events, or meetings from many places, near and far, and acknowledges the traditional owners and caretakers of those lands.
  2. The Club shall meaningfully integrate a land acknowledgement in all General Meetings, events, and productions while being aware that the gesture is anchored in bigger actions and conversations about reconciliation with the ongoing violence against Indigenous people.
  3. The Club shall continue to work to decolonize its mind and actions and shall encourage Club Members to do the same, standing in solidarity with Indigenous people.

Bylaw 1: Club Name

  1. The name of this AMS Club shall be UBC Players Club.
  2. The Club was not, and is not, required to follow the naming convention (e.g. “AMS Players Club at UBC”) mandated by the AMS, since the Club was formed before January 2018.

Bylaw 2: Club Purpose

The purpose is to provide a safe, inclusive, accessible venue to access and participate in theatre.

  1. The Club shall provide this venue for members of the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the greater community to participate in theatre no matter what their experience level or identity may be.
  2. The Club shall strive to be explicitly inclusive by featuring a range of original works performed, designed, and produced by theatre lovers of all experience levels, backgrounds, and identities.
  3. The Club shall aim to be intersectional and shall prioritize the production of shows done by playwrights of diverse backgrounds, covering a wide range of experiences, lifestyles, and cultures.
  4. The Club shall celebrate and uplift those with marginalized identities. The Club shall give them a safe space to practice, produce, and appreciate theatre that represents them and educates more about the community around them. The Club shall celebrate all individuals, regardless of identity, and shall aim to give all people the opportunity to access, engage with, and participate in the Club.
  5. The Club shall acknowledge that theatre, especially theatre at UBC, has a high proportion of white middle- to upper-middle-class individuals, and shall strive to achieve diverse representation of Club Members in the Club’s content, shows, and the Executive Committee. 
  6. When culturally specific or identity-specific content comes up in a show, the Club shall meaningfully engage with members of that culture or people who share that identity for guidance. The Club shall present cultures and identities in an appropriate, accurate, and respectful manner that celebrates the culture or identity it represents.

Bylaw 3: Executives

  1. The seven Executive positions of the Club shall be voluntary, be elected annually and be as follows:
    1. President
    2. Treasurer
    3. Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Coordinator
    4. Vice-President (VP) Productions
    5. Vice-President (VP) Promotions
    6. Vice-President (VP) Communications
    7. Vice-President (VP) Events
  2. The Club shall hold an election for an eighth voluntary Executive position, VP Projects, if and only if five of the seven aforementioned Executives (3.1) approve holding an election.
  3. The Club shall hold elections at the Club’s Annual General Meeting, following Bylaw 5.
  4. Executives shall be able to appoint committee positions not listed in the Bylaws without an election.

Bylaw 4: Executive Duties

The duties of each Executive shall be as follows:

  • President

Chair the Executive Committee; Oversee all functionings; Work closely with committees to ensure all productions and events are to the Club’s Bylaws, standards, and values; Act as Producer for all productions; Act as one of two signing officers & Booking Representatives; Communicate goals and expectations with all Executives and their committees; Communicate with the AMS and other groups; Deal with any conflict within the Executive Committee; Complete annual executive orientation at the end of every academic year to seek renewal; and Call General Meetings.

  • Treasurer

Oversee all financial activities; Create and enforce the budget; Communicate budgets to the Executive Committee; Collect and file reimbursements; Act as one of two signing officers & Booking Representatives; and Complete the Treasurer Authorization process.

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Coordinator

Coordinate the Club’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts; Ensure auditions and elections are equitable and inclusive; Advocate for marginalized Club Members to the Executive Committee, holding them accountable; and Organize workshops, events, and check-ins for the Club.

  • Vice-President (VP) Productions

Schedule production meetings; Organize production schedules; Ensure the Club is on track to present productions on time; Schedule check-ins, auditions, rehearsals, and productions; and Ensure the productions budget is followed.

  • Vice-President (VP) Promotions

Run all social media pages; Create and post content often which represents the Club’s values; Attract Club Members to participate in all activities; Communicate with Executives to ensure content for events and productions are fulfilled cohesively; and Collaborate on webpages and newsletters.

  • Vice-President (VP) Communications

Collaborate with the Executive Committee monthly regarding content for the Club’s newsletter; Create and consistently distribute the Club’s newsletter; Organize the creation of content for the Club website; Answer emails efficiently; Ensure the website contains relevant dates and information; and Communicate with theatre groups regarding opportunities to collaborate.

  • Vice-President (VP) Events

Plan and oversee the execution (set dates, set up, invites, take down) of events designed for the Executive Committee, production teams, and Club Members; and Communicate with all parties and invitees to ensure successful promotion.

  • Vice-President (VP) Projects (Bylaw 3.2)

Coordinate logistics for all projects and production activities; Ensure projects are on time, on budget and within scope; Ensure any rights to literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works are secured; and Provide general and specialized assistance to the Executive Committee and Club Members.

Bylaw 5: Electoral Procedures

  1. The Club elections shall be verifiable through documented vote counts with a secret ballot and shall be held by March 15th. The results shall be submitted to the AMS by the deadline. 
  2. All Active Club Members shall be eligible for Executive positions.
  3. The removal of an Executive requires a quorate General Meeting to be held with a motion to
    remove on the agenda that requires two-thirds approval to pass and gives two weeks’ notice.
  4. If an Executive position could not be filled, the vacancy shall be filled through a by-election, following the same procedures described in this Bylaw.
    1. If a by-election is unable to fill an Executive position, the vacancy shall be filled through an In-Executive election, where any Executive may nominate a Club Member for any open position. A candidate who accepts the nomination and receives a majority vote from the Executive Committee shall be appointed.

Bylaw 6: Membership Fees

  1. Active membership fees shall be $5.00 (CAD).
  2. Associate membership fees shall be $8.00 (CAD).
  3. Club Members who participate in a show shall receive a $3.00 (CAD) discount.

Bylaw 7: Membership Privileges

Only Active Club Members shall:

  1. be eligible to vote, hold Executive Committee positions in the Club, and sign Club petitions;
  2. be eligible to participate in the Club’s productions in available capacities;
  3. receive discounts and early access on tickets for all shows;
  4. receive discounts on the Club’s merchandise; and
  5. receive exclusive digital content.

Bylaw 8: Standing Committees

The Club shall have the following Standing Committees:

  1. the Productions Committee, chaired by the VP of Productions;
  2. the Promotions Committee, chaired by the VP of Promotions; and
  3. the Events Committee, chaired by the VP of Events.

Bylaw 9: Sensitive Content

  1. The Club shall check in with the directors, actors, and creative team to ensure that they are safe and comfortable throughout the process, and are allowed to express discomfort they may experience with sensitive content presented in a show that may cause distress or trigger emotions. The Club shall provide a safe and inclusive space for all those involved in all processes. Sensitive content includes but is not limited to:
    1. portrayals or explorations of sexual violence, abuse, paedophilia, animal cruelty, self-harm, suicide, violence, death, childbirth, blood, mental illness, eating disorders, flashing images, discrimination, bigotry, or substance abuse.
  2. The Club shall provide content warnings in the form of verbal and/or written notices that precede potentially sensitive content for all events, meetings, or shows, indicating any sensitive topics which people may find triggering or distressing. The Club shall give people the opportunity to freely decide whether or not to engage with that content at all times.
  3. The Club shall offer and utilize workshops and open discussions to Club Members participating in shows with potentially triggering or distressing content.
  4. No Club Member shall be tokenized or forced to discuss any aspect of their identity (race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, sexual expression, gender identity, class, weight, English proficiency, ability, religion, country of origin, or any other marginalized identity or experience) that they are uncomfortable talking about.
  5. In shows that feature certain marginalized identities that certain Club Members may share, no Club Member with that identity shall be pressured to educate or inform others about their identity. Club Members shall respect the boundaries of one another, and, if they are interested in learning about a specific topic, they shall only discuss such topics with people who enthusiastically consent to do so.
  6. Club Members shall remember that there are many resources on the internet, around campus, and in their community that they can use, supporting them with discussing such topics with people who are comfortable doing so.

Bylaw 10: Sexual Violence

[Content warning // sexual violence]

  1. The Club shall create a safe and inclusive environment wherein all Club members feel safe and comfortable participating without fear of sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, or any kind of sexual violence.
  2. The Club shall hire Intimacy Coordinators to facilitate portrayals of intimate relationships in shows to ensure that all Club Members feel safe and comfortable in their bodies.
  3. The Club shall respect Club Members’ boundaries. The Club shall ask for and respect consent for any physical touch done between actors or between any Club Members, and educate Club Members on how to further create a safe environment for their peers. 
  4. The Club expressly forbids sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, or any kind of sexual violence, which includes but is not limited to:
    1. forced or unwanted kissing, touching, penetration, or oral sex;
    2. unwanted or uninvited sexual remarks, gestures, sounds, and actions that make a person feel unsafe/degraded/uncomfortable; or
    3. sexual exploitation including touching, violence, coercion, or threats.
  5. The Club’s response to sexual assault, in line with the AMS I-17 Sexual Violence Policy, prioritizes comprehensive, trauma-informed, survivor-centred, intersectional education and conflict resolution.
  6. The Club shall ensure Club Members and the Executive Committee know how to appropriately handle situations of sexual violence through training with the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC), Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO),  or a similar service.
  7. Affected Club Members shall be offered a chance to speak to a trusted Club Member, Executive, director, production manager, the DEI Coordinator, or the President to ascertain what actions shall be taken to help them heal, recover, feel safe in the Club, and report the incident if they see fit.
  8. The Club’s trauma-informed, survivor-centred approach means that Club Members shall never be pressured to report the incident or speak with an Executive, other Club Members, members of their production, or the AMS about the incident if they do not feel comfortable. Their healing, recovery, and well-being shall be the Club’s top priority, and they shall be supported in accessing services or resources such as the Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Office (SVPRO) or the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC).
  9. Affected Club Members shall be consulted on how they would like the situation to be managed within the Club, how much of the situation they would like to share with other Club Members, and how they would like the DEI Coordinator, the President, or another trusted Club Member of their choosing to handle the situation with the perpetrator, advocate for the affected Club Member to ensure their safety and comfort participating in future Club activities.  
  10. The President, DEI Coordinator, and/or a trusted club member shall consult with the affected Club Members on whether or not to recommend the AMS Operations Committee to remove the perpetrator as a Club Member, restricting them from participating in the Club’s activities in a manner that is decided upon by the DEI Coordinator, President, and affected Club Members, and another trusted Club Member if needed. The perpetrator shall be spoken to and confronted based on the needs and wants of the affected Club Member(s).
  11. The AMS I-17 Sexual Violence Policy shall support the Club’s sexual violence procedures.

Bylaw 11: Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination, and Violence

  1. The Club expressly forbids any discrimination, bullying, harassment, violence, mistreatment, or judgement of any Club Members based on their race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, sexual expression, gender identity, class, weight, English proficiency, ability, religion, country of origin, or any other marginalized identity that they may be judged for. The Club shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that Club members are not subjected to such. Grounds for the Club to recommend a Club member for removal are as follows:
    1. Lack of respect for boundaries and consent of Club Members to the extent that others feel unsafe participating in the Club;
    2. Harassment, bullying, discrimination, violence, or disrespect based on identity or otherwise;
    3. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, or other bigotry that makes the Club an unsafe or uninclusive environment;
    4. Cyberbullying or leaking private and personal information;
    5. Physical violence or physical abuse; or
    6. Verbal abuse or harassment.
  2. Any discrimination, mistreatment, or judgement shall initially be brought to the concern of the DEI Coordinator or the President and discussed informally with the Club Members in question, at which point the DEI Coordinator, President, and the affected party shall work together to determine further steps. The affected Club Members shall be asked to share input confidentially with the DEI Coordinator and President to determine how to make them feel most comfortable in the Club.
  3. Club Members who continue to violate the Club’s Bylaws after an initial meeting shall be subject to a formal meeting with the DEI Coordinator, the President, and Club Members in question wherein the situation as a whole is evaluated. If the President, DEI Coordinator, and affected party come to any agreement that this behaviour warrants reporting to the AMS, then the perpetrator shall be notified of this decision. If necessary, the President shall report the behaviour to the AMS Operations Committee and/or recommend the Committee to remove the perpetrator as a Club Member, restricting them from all of the Club’s activities, including meetings, shows, events, workshops, social gatherings, virtual events, and collaborations.
  4. The AMS I-18 Respectful Community and Workplace Policy shall support the Club’s procedures.

Bylaw 12: Transgender and Gender-Diverse Inclusion

  1. Club Members shall be inclusive of other transgender and gender-diverse Club Members.
  2. Every effort shall be made to share, request, and respect Club Members’ names, pronouns and gender identities in all forms, programs, casting decisions, social media posts, day-to-day interactions with Club Members, rehearsals, meetings, performances, events, and other avenues.
  3. Club Members shall not make assumptions about other Club Members’ pronouns or identities.
  4. Club Members shall be mindful of the way that they discuss gender and the language they use. Club Members shall not initiate discussion about another Club Member’s gender identity, intricacies involving transitioning, coming out, physical or sexual characteristics, or any aspect of gender identity or transitioning with them or any Club Member, without the consent of the person. 
  5. No Club Member shall be pressured to discuss aspects of their identity that they are not comfortable discussing, nor shall they be tokenized in shows that discuss transgender and gender-diverse people.
  6. Club Members shall be mindful of Club Members who have not publicly revealed their gender identity. The Club shall not share identifiable information, such as names and pronouns, without the explicit consent of Club Members.
  7. If a Club Member reveals their gender identity to the Club and/or shares their chosen or preferred name and/or pronouns, the Club shall consult with the Club Member on who they are comfortable with knowing that information. In response, the Club shall make an effort to update all documents, webpages, and social media posts to reflect the information while ensuring that the Club Members can reveal their identity on their terms.
  8. Persistent lack of respect for Club Members’ gender identities are grounds for recommendation to the AMS Operations Committee for removal from the Club.

Bylaw 13: Sustainability

  1. The Club shall promote sustainability and encourage green thinking in the entertainment industry. The Club shall do its utmost to implement this in its structure and goals.
  2. The protection of the environment shall be a fundamental consideration in the planning and conduct of all shows and events of the Club to limit negative impacts on the environment.

Bylaw 14: Compliance

  1. In response to a bylaw enforcement complaint, the DEI Coordinator, the President, the Treasurer, or the VP Productions (hereafter referred to as An Executive) shall assess and investigate to determine compliance with the Club Bylaws.
  2. If a violation is identified at any time, the contravener shall be instructed to resolve the issue immediately. When compliance cannot be achieved, An Executive may recommend the AMS Operations Committee to remove the contravener from the Club, restricting them from the Club’s events, meetings, and shows.