Our Executive Team

The 2022/23 UBC Players Club team is a dedicated and passionate group of students who strive to bring the best theatre experiences to life. With tireless efforts and a commitment to excellence, they work behind the scenes to bring you the memorable shows and events that make up the UBC Players Club calendar. From organizing events to overseeing every aspect of our shows, their tireless efforts are what bring the magic of theatre to life!


  • President  |  Finnley O’Brien (she/her)  |  president@ubcplayersclub.com
  • Treasurer  |  Kristen To (she/her)  |  tickets@ubcplayersclub.com
  • AVP Finance  |  Ronica Huynh (she/her)
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion Coordinator  |  Natasha Chew (she/her)
  • VP Projects  |  Maddie Carson-Thornhill (she/her)




  • VP Events  |  Madeleine Polak (she/her)
  • AVP Events  | Lola Peverley (she/her)
  • AVP Events  |  Amelia Wagenaar (they/them)


Join our team

Interested in getting involved? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you about how you can get involved.