About Our Club

Theatre on your own terms.

We are UBC Players Club. We create opportunities for anyone at UBC to participate in all things theatre.

At UBC Players Club, we will fulfill all theatre needs within the UBC Vancouver campus and the Vancouver community. We have a rich theatre history that we continue to add to each year, and we would love to have you be a part of our story!

What we do

Shows: We produce, design, and perform a full-length play, a play festival of six one-act plays, and other shows, where you can both learn new skills and hone your skills.

Events: Frequently, we also host special events for you to have fun, develop skills, and meet and connect with other people who are also interested in theatre.

Playwriting: We host the UBC Players Club Playwriting Collective, where you can write, share, and discuss plays with a bunch of other cool people!

Improv: Lastly, in the fall, we help coordinate the UBC Collab, which features improvised, original, and wacky work!