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Welcome to UBC Players Club!

UBC clubs are a great way to take your UBC experience to the next level. Since 1915, UBC Players Club has been the University of British Columbia’s number one club and campus resource for theatre. As the oldest club on the UBC Vancouver campus, we take pride in having connected countless students, faculty, and community members through performance art for over a century.

With a vast and vibrant club legacy at UBC, ambitious projects, a committed executive body, and an array of talented Thespians, young and old, we hope to welcome you to our show. Become a member of our community!


What is the purpose of our club?

The UBC Players Club’s mission is to provide a safe, inclusive, and accessible venue for UBC students, faculty and community members to participate in theatre no matter what their experience level or identity may be. The club strives to be explicitly inclusive by featuring a range of original works performed, designed, and produced by and for theatre lovers of all faculties, levels, backgrounds, and identities at UBC and beyond.


Join our community!

In November and March, the club produces, designs, and performs its mainstage production and annual play festival, Festival Dionysia, respectively. In the fall, we also help coordinate the UBC Collab, a production featuring improvised and original work. Throughout the season, we host the Playwriting Collective, a fun group to write, share, and discuss plays with. We also have special events, including socials, workshops, contests, script readings, and games every month!

Become a member of our community by joining our club! Check us out on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates.


Our 2023 production timeline

Mainstage show

August 2022 | Applications and submissions

September 2022 | Auditions

October 2022 | Tickets released

November 2022 | Performances


Festival Dionysia 2023

December 2022 | Applications and submissions

January 2023 | Auditions

February 2023 | Tickets released (Gain early access now)

March 2023 | Performances