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Comments (2)

  1. Amy


    I saw Ghosts yesterday and was blown away! The lighting was impeccable, and the actors were all really fantastic at bringing out the slow-burning Ibsen family drama tension. I think Oswald had the audience inhaling and exhaling with his gusts of passion, and I definitely got chills at the end from Helene’s actress’s performance. Powerful screaming. And the other actors though more subtle were all equally enjoyable; Pastor Manders did such a great job as this somewhat self-serving proxy for the 19th century audience, and Engstrand brought a lot of pure-hearted levity, and I think Regina was appropriately impenetrable, opportunistic, and yet sort of sympathetic and charming. I’m just sort of rambling now, but in brief, I really enjoyed it. Man, Ibsen is really timeless. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for future productions 🙂

    • Reply

      Thank you Amy, we’re very glad to hear you enjoyed it! Please sign up for our Newsletter and keep checking back on the website and our social media pages for future productions and updates.

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