This year, the UBC Players Club is proud to be endorsing and co-producing with Wunderdog Theatre and Rushed Productions, new theatre companies with Players and UBC BFA Alumni involved.

Wunderdog Theatre

Integrating new technology with traditional theatrical conventions, Wunderdog Theatre is a Canadian theatre company that explores new ways to tell classic and critically acclaimed stories, examining the way we consume narrative in a digital era. Comprised of recent graduates from Vancouver theatre programs, Wunderdog Theatre has strong mandate to provide creative opportunities for emerging artists of all persuasions.

Rushed Productions

Founded by UBC Creative Writing Graduate, Annahis Basmadjian- Rushed Productions is a Vancouver based theatre company that stands for Opportunity with a capital “O.” Everybody needs that one big break, especially in a place with such a rich and competitive theater community like Vancouver. We are proud to maintain an open arms policy, and we are interested in offering the sort of experience you can’t get without experience. Our full productions welcome the efforts of amateur directors, actors and all manners of crew alongside professionals, providing an environment rich with the learning of skill sets and networking. It’s our hope that all who work with Rushed leave the project with more than they came with.

From short plays, to two-acts, to musicals, Rushed isn’t entirely concerned about maintaining a style so much as making absolutely certain our audience has a great time. Collaborations with Vocal Eye for the visually impaired have provided new ways for Rushed to reach all manners of viewers, and we intend to maintain that standard of entertainment, for what is art for, if not to entertain?

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