The Players Club has been UBC’s number one campus resource for theatre since 1915. As the oldest club on campus, we take pride in having connected countless students, faculty, and community members through performance art of all kinds for nearly a century. With a vast and vibrant club history, ambitious ongoing projects, a committed executive body, and an array of talented Thespians young and old, we hope to soon welcome you to our show.

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  1. Jannie


    Dear UBC Player’s Club,

    My name is Jannie and I am writing to you on behalf of the AMS Ballet Club. Our annual event, the Year End Show, is taking place on March 31st from 6:30-8:30 PM. It is a showcase of dances from the Ballet Club as well as many other dance teams at UBC. We are seeking 2 volunteer MC’s to host our event. Responsibilities would include welcoming the audience, introducing the club, and announcing each dance team as well as a short description about their dance. Ideally, they would be comfortable speaking in front of an audience, reliable, and very enthusiastic, with the ability to entertain our guests! Drinks and refreshments will be provided.
    This would be a great opportunity to gain experience speaking in front of a large crowd, as we expect around 150 guests. If any members of your club are interested, please have them contact us through email ( by February 15.

    Thank you,
    Jannie Ko
    AMS Ballet Club Events Manager

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