Les Belles-soeurs: Review

Pictured: France Perras as Germaine Lauzon. Photo by Tim Matheson. “My life is shit and it always will be… This stupid rotten life!”  Jessica Kim Germaine Lauzon (France Perras) wins one million- one million(!) Gold Star stamps that can be traded for anything on the catalogue. When she invites her sisters and neighbors for a

SELF-ish (Fringe): Review

Ivonne Zhao SELF-ish tells a simple story: it follows the internal monologue of one Korean-Canadian woman, Esther Jin (Diana Bang), as she copes with the loss of her father. From the onset, too, it seems rather unfussy – the entire 60-minute play is a one-woman show run by Diana Bang, performed with simple lighting, a

The Shape of Things (Fringe): Review

Danisa Rambing On Monday of this week, a Cultch-style showing of Neil Labute’s notorious play, The Shape of Things brought an audience of roughly 30 theatre freaks, fans, fanatics onto an emotional roller coaster. The show starred Julian Legere, Fairlith Harvey, Marissa Burton and Harrison MacDonald and was directed by Chelsey Stuyt. This complex love

Kim’s Convenience: Review

Pictured: James Yi and Lee Shorten. Photo by Jalen Saip. “I love you, too, appa, and no one’s twisting my arm to say it“ Jessica Kim The cynic in me says representation is a fad. Disney wants it. Pixar shows it. Hollywood sells it. Black Panther, Moana, Coco, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,